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Classification of Underactive Bladder


Etiological Classification of Underactive bladder

  1. Peripheral Denervation or Neuropathy

    Pathophysiology: Decreased contractility - neural efferent or myogenic/decreased afferent stimulation.

    - Congenital, inflammatory, neoplastic or trauma lesion to peripheral nerves
    - Diabetes or other metabolic cause

  2. Detrusor myopathy

    Pathophysiology: decreased contractility secondary to smooth muscle damage.

    -Fibrosis/collagen deposition

  3. Pharmacological inhibition

    Pathophysiology: decreased contractility secondary to receptor blockade of neural efferents or afferents.

    - Antimuscarinics
    -Smooth muscle relaxants/spasmolytics/membrane stabilizers.

  4. Pelvic floor overactivity

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