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Ways to Give


Currently, no medications or therapies have proven effective in the long-term treatment of underactive bladder (UAB), detrusor underactivity, or neurogenic bladder. As a result, patients who suffer from UAB are managed with in-dwelling catheters, clean intermittent catheterization, or must wear diapers. UAB patients using catheters to ensure the emptying of their bladders also face long-term medical difficulties, including inflammation and discomfort, the potential for injury, and an increased risk of bacterial infection. Urinary tract infections can lead to kidney damage and blood infections. In addition, for many individuals, the use of catheters is a cause for embarrassment and can negatively impact their work and home life.

For many patients with UAB, the emotional effects of the disease can feel just as devastating as the physical effects. And for older patients, it can have a major impact on quality of life. In fact, loss of bladder control is the second most common reason for nursing home placement of the elderly. Finding a way to stem these bladder issues would allow millions more adults to remain independent and experience life without the worry and embarrassment associated with bladder control dysfunction.

New solutions are desperately needed and we invite you to support us in our effort to improve the lives of those with UAB. There are many ways to support the work of the Underactive Bladder Foundation. We are entirely dependent upon charitable gifts to fund and facilitate the most promising underactive bladder research. We are grateful for your commitment to helping the UAB foundation fund research that will result in improved therapies and, ultimately, a cure.

Online Giving

The UAB foundation Web site offers a fast, secure and convenient way to make credit card donations. You can make a one-time or recurring gift that will make a difference in those living with underactive bladder.

Click the donate button to make a secure online gift now.

Give by Mail

Checks made payable to the Underactive Bladder Foundation can be mailed to:

Underactive Bladder Foundation
P.O. Box 5080, 6360 Broad St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206-9998


Companies and individuals can support underactive bladder research by underwriting special events, individual research projects, postdoctoral fellowships and awareness-building materials such as newsletters and patient information materials. For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gifts of Life Insurance

By donating a life insurance policy to the UAB foundation and designating the Foundation as a beneficiary, you may be able to take a tax deduction for the current cash value of the policy. If you decide to continue paying the premiums, you may also be able to deduct those payments each year. Your life insurance agent can give you more information.

Planned Giving and Charitable Remainder Trusts

The many choices in planned giving offer significant financial benefits while supporting your charitable goals. In fact, planned giving techniques and programs can provide you with greater control over your assets by directing portions of your estate to a charitable organization that would otherwise go to taxes. Ask your advisor about estate plans and other giving options.

Including the Underactive bladder Research Foundation in your estate planning guarantees your commitment to finding a cure will not end. A will or living trust is often the simplest way to provide continuing support for all who live in hope of a cure. You can also name the UAB foundation as the beneficiary of a revocable trust or retirement plan.

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